Almond Nails: Everything You Need to Know

Almond Nails

What are almond nails?

Almond nails or almond-shaped nails are one of the most common nail shapes among many popular celebrities. Almond-shaped nails are very similar to almond, where it took its name. It might sound funny at first, however, when you see the almond nails you will understand. If you want to wear almond nails, you should slender on the sides and keep the base-wide while coming to a peak, like any other almond. Almond nails are very popular and give an attractive, better feminine look than other nail shapes.

Almond Nails
almond nails

You need to know that it’s not that easy to create almond-shaped nails. If you are unexperienced making almond nails, you need help. Either it’s watching a video on Youtube or going to a nail salon, take help. You need to have long nails before, to cut your nails into an almond shape.

Almond-shaped nails will make your fingers thinner than they are. If you feel that your fingers are thicker than they should be, almond nails are what you need. Basically almond nails are your savior in many ways.

What you will find in this article:

  • Almond Nails vs Stiletto Nails
  • Personality and Characteristics of Almond Nail Shape
  • Why You Need It & What to Forget
  • Types of Almond Nail Shapes
  • Celebrities with Almond Nails
  • How to shape almond nails

Almond Nails vs Stiletto Nails

Almond nails and stiletto nails are so similar to each other with just a little different at the top of your nails. Stiletto nails are slightly narrower on the top than almond nails. However, stiletto nails are a choice that is much more valiant. Almond nails would be the modest choice when it comes to these two nail shapes, even though almond nails are still glamorous.

One thing you should definitely know is almond nails are elegant, quiet and feminine while stiletto nails are still feminine but crazy and remarkable rather than being quiet and classy.

Personality and Characteristics of Almond Nail Shape

People with almond-shaped nails are known as gentle and generous. They are kind and feminine. As creating almond nails are not that easy, they are creative.

They are also known as emotionally sensitive and it makes them cute! If you are wearing almond nails, you are definitely a classy person without trying to attract all eyes on you. However, your elegance will definitely attract people. Because you are hot!

Why You Need It & What To Forget

If you need a feminine look and attract others with your femininity you should have almond nails right on. Also, almond-shaped nails are still strong as they are getting narrow on the peak while they are still long and beautiful. As almond nails will give you a classy look, this elegance will affect your life. It can be better for your work and/or your relationships.

Many European women prefer almond nails and it is one of the best nail shapes to show off jewelry with style.

As it has to be a long nail shape, you should forget the comfort of your short nails. And if you are someone who likes to be remarkable and want everyone look at you, almond nails aren’t right for you.

Types of Almond Nail Shapes

There aren’t too many types of almond nail shapes. However, there are too many designs for almond nails. As too many celebrities prefer to choose the almond shape for their nails, too much design occurs with their style.

Short Almond Nails

Almond Nails

Even though almond nail shape is a long nail shape, sometimes you can turn it into its short version. However, you should know that even short almond nails should be longer than your freshly cut square nails. You can use short almond nails almost anywhere. From the gym to work, from brunch to night out short almond nails will look amazing anywhere you go.

Long Almond Nails

Almond Nails

Long almond nails are known as “celebrity nails”. They are cool and feminine. If you want to show off your new jewelry, long almond nails will help you with that. However, long almonds might not be the right choice if you are thinking about using them daily. Yes, it will look classy at work, however, it might not be that useful in the gym.

Nude Almond Nails

Nude nail color is the trendiest color right now! Nude almond nails are also one of the most popular almond nail designs among all. Almond nails are feminine and classy by their own, so sometimes they don’t even need a color. Look at the example below, it looks classy and hot at the same time.

French Almond Nails

Almond Nails

The second most popular type of almond nail shape is French almond nails. As French tip nails are already trending, it won’t be different with your almond nails. Almond nails with French design will look so good on your hands!

Red Almond Nails

Almond Nails

Red almond nails are also a popular choice. If you are going out at night and want to give a sexy & feminine but cute look on your hands, red almond nails are good to go. No one can resist you with these red almond nails, for sure!

Black Almond Nails

Almond Nails

The last and one of the best color for almond nails is black. Black almond nails can help you with your night outs while adapting to your daily Nike pants! Black almond nails look classy, sexy and dramatic at the same time.

Also, a little bit creative with your black almond nails looks good too!

Celebrities With Almond Nails

We have mentioned above that almond nail shape is one of the most popular nail shapes among celebrities. Many celebrities prefer almond nails as they look so classy and look stunning with any outfit. Here are celebrities with almond-shaped nails.


Rihanna often wears too crazy nail designs such as stiletto nails and long coffins. Click here to see Rihanna’s nail style.

Almond Nails

However, sometimes she prefers more elegant models such as almond nails. See how she wears almond nails and look so classy:

Selena Gomez

Selena is definitely a trendsetter with whatever she is doing. She is a great singer and actress at the same time. Look how she wears almond nails and rocks!

Almond Nails

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is one of the great singers with her different but stunning style. She is a woman who definitely loves retro. She prefers almond nails as they are classy and timeless like her.

Almond Nails


Fergie is a sexy and classy woman. She is a great singer and she has an amazing career. She prefers more modest designs as her age gets older. Here’s a picture of Fergie wearing almond nails:

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha loves almond nails and she looks glamorous while wearing them. This cool look is definitely helping her with her fame!


Beyonce is a diva. She also loves almond nails and she prefers them long. She is rocking the stages for years without having trouble. She can’t be wrong with her amazing look, does she?

Almond Nails

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is hot and she is one of the celebrities who love nail art on almond nails. This sexy woman prefers almond nails while giving them a style with roses!

Almond Nails

How to shape almond nails

You might have decided to get almond shaped nails as they look stunning! However, shaping almond nails is not that easy if you are inexperienced with nail art and tech. So, for the ones who have decided to get almond nails, you should watch the Youtube video below.

And for the ones who really love almond nails and decided to have them, we have gathered the best and the largest almond nail art design collection for you to get inspired! “Click here” to see the best almond nail art designs from Instagram.

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